Window Genie Franchise vs. Fish Window Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Entrepreneurs are always looking for the right investment. When prospective business owners find window cleaning, they are frequently impressed by the business model featuring low overhead and consumer demand that lends itself to long-term success. There are countless window cleaning companies in the United States, many of them independent small businesses. However, franchising offers entry into that same high-quality business opportunity with the training, support, and brand awareness that brings customers to your business.

When looking into window cleaning companies, many entrepreneurs find themselves looking into a Fish Window Cleaning or Window Genie franchise. But what makes these two brands and businesses differ from one another? Why is Fish Window Cleaning so popular, and how did it become the largest window cleaning franchise in the nation? Let’s break down the differences between FISH and Window Genie so that you can make a decision that will lead you to the right fit, putting you in the best position for your professional and personal life.

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