What is normal delivery, know our misconceptions

There are very few women who do not want to taste motherhood. But we usually know very little about childbirth. Today we will learn about other things including normal delivery from a specialist doctor.Anwar Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Modern Medical College Hospital, spoke about normal delivery in an episode of NTV’s regular health program Health Daily. Benazir Haque Emerald. Dr. performed the program. Signed by Samiul Awal.In response to a question from the conductor. Benazir Haque Panna said all deliveries but not normal deliveries. When a delivery, i.e. when a baby comes out of the womb, it can be through a lot of bleeding, has been normal but through bleeding; Or the baby’s position wasn’t right, maybe it took a long time to deliver; We can’t call many such things normal delivery. Some criteria need to be fulfilled to say normal delivery. For example, after a certain time, the labor has to be unset. Became a baby at 35 weeks, but she does not fall into normal delivery. So 36 weeks must be completed.

Then there will be a spontaneous labor pain … there can be no presentation other than the head. As the baby’s hand goes out, we may be able to pull it out, but it is not in the normal delivery stage. That means we have to fulfill some of the criteria for normal delivery.

In response to another question from the conductor. Benazir Haque Panna said there was a time when there was only normal delivery or delivery was in normal way. But then Caesar had no respite. Occasionally one or two caesareans were performed. There were big preparations for that.There was a fear of cutting. The doctors were scared, the patients were scared. But now that the awareness program has grown, there are many differences between the people of the past and the people of today. Earlier, girls would get married at a certain age, get pregnant, have a natural pregnancy and that pregnancy would terminate in a natural way. It could be seen that if for some reason the baby died while giving birth, the baby would die during delivery, but many would take it as normal. There are five children, one may die. Is it possible now?

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