What is blood cancer, who is it

Many are suffering from blood cancer. Today we will learn from a specialist doctor what is leukemia and what are its symptoms. With that I will know who is who.

In an episode of NTV’s regular health program Health Everyday, he discusses leukemia and its cure. Abdul Hai. Dr. performed the program. Muna Tahsin.

In response to a question from the conductor, Professor Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Abdul Hai said that cancer is a type of tumor. What do we call tumors? When without a purpose, when nothing can be stopped, we call it a tumor. That tumor is in different parts of our body. And when it affects the blood, we call it blood cancer.

Ordinary people will understand tumor as mass or mass, in this case do not understand blood mass. In response to the conductor’s words, Professor Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Abdul Hai said that there are three types of cells in the blood. All three cells can cause cancer. Abnormal growth can occur in all three.

In response to the question of whether there is a specific age for getting blood cancer, Professor Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Abdul Hai said there are two age groups. One for young or kids, the other for adults. Acute leukemia is more common in young people. Elderly AJ is more prone to chronic leukemia.

What kind of diagnosis can be used to confirm that a person is suffering from cancer? “We have to do a blood test first,” said Abdul Hai. Simple blood test. Which we call CBC or Complete Blood Count. If a CBC is done, if an experienced hematologist sees it, he can tell what happened. You can go for an idea. Next we do bone-marrow tests as needed, we do gene analysis, do immunocycochemistry or do a lot of tests.

How long can cancer patients survive, in response to the conductor’s question, Professor Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Abdul Hai said that at one time it was said that it is not possible to survive with cancer. Now the era has changed. Now that our treatment has reached such an advanced stage, in most cases it is completely cured. That is happening in Bangladesh.

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