The wonderful healing power of meditation

May 21 is World Meditation Day. More than 500 million people around the world are meditating regularly. Many people around the world are physically and mentally healthy through regular meditation. In view of the importance of meditation, meditation has been included in the syllabus in many countries of the world, including the United Kingdom. Many people have been meditating in Bangladesh for the last 20 years.

In an episode of NTV’s regular health program ‘Doctor is by your side’, two doctors have given details about meditation. They are Professor. Abul Hossain and Professor. Zahir Uddin Ahmed. Dr. performed the program. Sharmin Jahan Nitol.

What is meditation?

Dr. Abul Hossain said that meditation is a science. Meditation is a scientific process of using the mind and brain in a well-planned and well-controlled manner. You can call it a process of taking care of the mind. If we want to understand meditation simply, we can mention three aspects of it. The first is to relax the muscles and nerves. In general, when muscles and nerves relax, people fall asleep and become unconscious. But at the meditation level, when his muscles and nerves relax, his consciousness wakes up. When consciousness is awake, he gains a power within consciousness. Another aspect is that our minds are always restless; He is always preoccupied with the fear of the future or the filth of the past. Don’t want to stay now. One aspect of this meditation process is bringing the mind to the present. And another aspect is to be self-absorbed. When a man immerses himself, dives into himself,

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