Are you taking care of the mind?

The Corona epidemic has changed the way people around the world eat and move. We care more about the body now, but do you ever think that the body as well as the mind needs to be taken care of at this time?

Dr. gave details about this in an episode of NTV’s regular health program ‘Swasthya Pratidin’. Fahmida Ferdous. Dr. performed the program. Sanjida Hossain Papia.

In response to a question from the conductor. Fahmida Ferdous said, “We always focus more on physical care. We do not give much importance to the care of the mind. And when we are suffering from mental illness because of not giving, we do not even realize. Do not understand We call psychiatry when a person’s personal life, family life, and social life — any of these three areas of life কম will receive complaints or he will not be able to maintain them. Especially the first problem is created in personal life. Then the family is affected, then the social. Now Kovid-19 is a disease, this word creates panic for us, creates anxiety, creates anxiety. The reason is that Kovid-19 itself is creating stress, creating panic, anxiety and worry in our subconscious mind. The effect that this anxiety has on our minds … we say, the mind is in the brain. The neurotransmitters in the brain, the chemicals in the brain, The mind has control over its secretion or its discharge. And when there is difficulty in thinking, it is manifested through behavior.

When we look at the world, we see that the world is the best, established; Due to this disease (Covid-19) has been quite devastated. Then it seems to us, there is a cure for this disease, there is no antidote. This is why panic is created in our minds … What is panic, death is a fear. With this disease, many people are dying, even dead. This is why a person’s … neurotransmitter, due to the variation in the secretion of chemicals, will create acute stress disorder in him … it can be understood in behavior … it can lead to depression. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will be created. It’s not just adults. Children, adults, everyone can be.

How to take care of the mind

Dr. Fahmida Ferdous’s advice is that we control our minds ourselves. How can I control my mind now … Life will always go through ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, joy and pain. It’s not that your life will always be the same. But I had a good time before Kovid came, we don’t know when Kovid will go. But with this time we have to adjust. People survive by struggling for their lives. We have to remember, this is a war. We have to live from here. We have to be careful, we have to be aware … just as we have to be careful from every negative action, we also have to be careful in this case. And I have to win the battle of life. If you want to win the struggle for life, I will follow the rules of health. If I obey, then inside me … there will be a difference between those who follow the hygiene rules and those who do not. He who does not obey, but his fear will be more. If we control thoughts,


The wonderful healing power of meditation

May 21 is World Meditation Day. More than 500 million people around the world are meditating regularly. Many people around the world are physically and mentally healthy through regular meditation. In view of the importance of meditation, meditation has been included in the syllabus in many countries of the world, including the United Kingdom. Many people have been meditating in Bangladesh for the last 20 years.

In an episode of NTV’s regular health program ‘Doctor is by your side’, two doctors have given details about meditation. They are Professor. Abul Hossain and Professor. Zahir Uddin Ahmed. Dr. performed the program. Sharmin Jahan Nitol.

What is meditation?

Dr. Abul Hossain said that meditation is a science. Meditation is a scientific process of using the mind and brain in a well-planned and well-controlled manner. You can call it a process of taking care of the mind. If we want to understand meditation simply, we can mention three aspects of it. The first is to relax the muscles and nerves. In general, when muscles and nerves relax, people fall asleep and become unconscious. But at the meditation level, when his muscles and nerves relax, his consciousness wakes up. When consciousness is awake, he gains a power within consciousness. Another aspect is that our minds are always restless; He is always preoccupied with the fear of the future or the filth of the past. Don’t want to stay now. One aspect of this meditation process is bringing the mind to the present. And another aspect is to be self-absorbed. When a man immerses himself, dives into himself,


What is blood cancer, who is it

Many are suffering from blood cancer. Today we will learn from a specialist doctor what is leukemia and what are its symptoms. With that I will know who is who.

In an episode of NTV’s regular health program Health Everyday, he discusses leukemia and its cure. Abdul Hai. Dr. performed the program. Muna Tahsin.

In response to a question from the conductor, Professor Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Abdul Hai said that cancer is a type of tumor. What do we call tumors? When without a purpose, when nothing can be stopped, we call it a tumor. That tumor is in different parts of our body. And when it affects the blood, we call it blood cancer.

Ordinary people will understand tumor as mass or mass, in this case do not understand blood mass. In response to the conductor’s words, Professor Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Abdul Hai said that there are three types of cells in the blood. All three cells can cause cancer. Abnormal growth can occur in all three.

In response to the question of whether there is a specific age for getting blood cancer, Professor Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Abdul Hai said there are two age groups. One for young or kids, the other for adults. Acute leukemia is more common in young people. Elderly AJ is more prone to chronic leukemia.

What kind of diagnosis can be used to confirm that a person is suffering from cancer? “We have to do a blood test first,” said Abdul Hai. Simple blood test. Which we call CBC or Complete Blood Count. If a CBC is done, if an experienced hematologist sees it, he can tell what happened. You can go for an idea. Next we do bone-marrow tests as needed, we do gene analysis, do immunocycochemistry or do a lot of tests.

How long can cancer patients survive, in response to the conductor’s question, Professor Colonel (Retd.) Dr. Abdul Hai said that at one time it was said that it is not possible to survive with cancer. Now the era has changed. Now that our treatment has reached such an advanced stage, in most cases it is completely cured. That is happening in Bangladesh.


What is normal delivery, know our misconceptions

There are very few women who do not want to taste motherhood. But we usually know very little about childbirth. Today we will learn about other things including normal delivery from a specialist doctor.Anwar Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Modern Medical College Hospital, spoke about normal delivery in an episode of NTV’s regular health program Health Daily. Benazir Haque Emerald. Dr. performed the program. Signed by Samiul Awal.In response to a question from the conductor. Benazir Haque Panna said all deliveries but not normal deliveries. When a delivery, i.e. when a baby comes out of the womb, it can be through a lot of bleeding, has been normal but through bleeding; Or the baby’s position wasn’t right, maybe it took a long time to deliver; We can’t call many such things normal delivery. Some criteria need to be fulfilled to say normal delivery. For example, after a certain time, the labor has to be unset. Became a baby at 35 weeks, but she does not fall into normal delivery. So 36 weeks must be completed.

Then there will be a spontaneous labor pain … there can be no presentation other than the head. As the baby’s hand goes out, we may be able to pull it out, but it is not in the normal delivery stage. That means we have to fulfill some of the criteria for normal delivery.

In response to another question from the conductor. Benazir Haque Panna said there was a time when there was only normal delivery or delivery was in normal way. But then Caesar had no respite. Occasionally one or two caesareans were performed. There were big preparations for that.There was a fear of cutting. The doctors were scared, the patients were scared. But now that the awareness program has grown, there are many differences between the people of the past and the people of today. Earlier, girls would get married at a certain age, get pregnant, have a natural pregnancy and that pregnancy would terminate in a natural way. It could be seen that if for some reason the baby died while giving birth, the baby would die during delivery, but many would take it as normal. There are five children, one may die. Is it possible now?


The sector is doing business with new ventures after overcoming the loss of corona

Syed Abdul Momen: The CMSME sector suffered the most due to Corona. Almost all the businesses in the sector were on the verge of closure due to the shutdown of supply system across the country and nationwide lockdown. Institutions began to turn around again after the outbreak of corona subsided. Apart from this, CMSME business gets necessary working capital assistance as a result of government incentive package and other benefits. In this, CMSME sector is running the business with new initiative by cutting the loss of corona.Syed Abdul Momen: The government has set up a fund of Tk 20,000 crore to provide low interest loans to entrepreneurs in this sector. From this fund, all the banks and non-bank financial institutions of the country provide loans to the affected CMSMEs as working capital for business recovery. The highest number of CMSME companies in the country is in the trading sector. But due to the lowest allocation for the trading sector, it was not possible to provide loans to all the institutions in this sector as per the instructions of Bangladesh Bank.Syed Abdul Momen: The role of CMSME sector in the economic development of Bangladesh is immense. At present 90 percent of the country’s businesses are in this sector. The sector is directly contributing to the creation of about 75% of the country’s employment. The main goal of the CMSME sector is to improve the quality of life, create employment and alleviate poverty. This sector contributes about 25 percent to the overall GDP of the country. The overall management of the government and the country is satisfactory in the development of this sector.Syed Abdul Momen: About 52% of BRAC Bank’s loans have been disbursed to the CMSME sector. Since its inception, we have lent more than Tk 1 lakh crore to more than 1 million CMSME customers. As a CMSME-friendly bank, BRAC Bank’s main objective is to provide financial benefits to these customers. At present, a total of 3 lakh 95 thousand CMSME customers are availing banking facilities at BRAC Bank. Of which, loan facility of 1 lakh 64 thousand customers is running. At the end of last May, the loan disbursement in this sector was about 16 thousand crore. Apart from this, BRAC Bank is also playing a leading role in conducting foreign trade activities of SME customers.


Five ways to prevent smartphone surveillance

Whatever we do online with the help of smartphones, the information of them is collected by various apps and websites. Even if you don’t use the internet, you can’t get rid of surveillance. Wherever we go, smartphones tend to collect our location information. If you want, you can stop the surveillance of the smartphone by adopting several strategies.

Location, WiFi and mobile data off

The easiest way to prevent surveillance on a smartphone running the Android operating system is to turn off location tracking, WiFi and mobile data facilities unnecessarily. If these are off, location information can be hidden even if you have a smartphone in your pocket.

Delete Google usage information

Google preserves the history of any information. Not only that, but it also collects information about the user’s location and the details of using YouTube. To delete this information, first launch the Google App, tap on the profile picture and select the Manage your Google Account / Google Account option. After selecting the Data & privacy tab from the Google Account Settings option, click on Web & App Activity under History settings. Now come down and click on the Turn off button, you will see a new page. Click on the Pause button, press OK and go back to the Data & privacy tab. Now you have to close the Location History and YouTube History options by following the previous procedure.To delete Google usage history, first tap the Web & App Activity option under History settings in the Data & privacy tab and click on the Manage all Web & App Activity link. If you click on the Filter by date & product option, you will see a new page called Filter by date. Here you can delete all the information in Google as well as the specific time information. Similarly, the Location History and YouTube History options must be deleted.

Close personal search results

Google quickly displays search results by reviewing information collected by users. However, if the personal search results feature is turned off, Google will display general results instead of relevant results without collecting all the user information.

To turn off the personal search results feature, you need to select Personal results from the Settings option by clicking on the Google Apps profile picture. Now you have to close the settings by pressing the off button next to Show personal results.


This time digital transactions at the cattle market

Not in e-commerce, this time digital transactions will be in the sacrificial animal market. Vendors will be able to receive money from animal sales through bank accounts and mobile banking services. They will have a Point of Sales (POS) device to receive money from the sale of animals. Through which buyers will be able to pay the sale price with debit and credit cards. Dealers do not have to pay any fee to withdraw money from the sale of cows.

As part of a pilot project called ‘Smart Bangladesh Smart Hat’, the transaction facility is being launched at six cattle markets of Dhaka North City Corporation. As a result, buyers and sellers of these markets will not have to worry about carrying money. This is the first experimental initiative taken by Bangladesh Bank to popularize digital transactions. The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) and Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association are cooperating in this.

Relevant sources said that digital transaction booths will be set up at Gabtali, Bochila, Aftabnagar, Bhatara, Uttara and Kawla cattle markets under DNCC. The booths will be operated by Bank Asia, BRAC Bank, Eastern Bank, Islami Bank, Mutual Trust Bank, The City Bank and Mobile Financial Services (MFS).

Buyers will be able to pay for the sacrificial animal using debit and credit cards, MFS and mobile apps at the booth. Banks and MFS institutions will assist both buyers and sellers in this regard. Through this, the central bank thinks that it will be possible to prevent the risk of cash transactions and counterfeit money in the cattle market.

From next Sunday, banks and MFS companies will start setting up booths at the said market. Initially, they will open accounts to bring livestock traders from different parts of the country under this program. Big traders will be given POS machines to receive money.