Are you taking care of the mind?

The Corona epidemic has changed the way people around the world eat and move. We care more about the body now, but do you ever think that the body as well as the mind needs to be taken care of at this time?

Dr. gave details about this in an episode of NTV’s regular health program ‘Swasthya Pratidin’. Fahmida Ferdous. Dr. performed the program. Sanjida Hossain Papia.

In response to a question from the conductor. Fahmida Ferdous said, “We always focus more on physical care. We do not give much importance to the care of the mind. And when we are suffering from mental illness because of not giving, we do not even realize. Do not understand We call psychiatry when a person’s personal life, family life, and social life — any of these three areas of life কম will receive complaints or he will not be able to maintain them. Especially the first problem is created in personal life. Then the family is affected, then the social. Now Kovid-19 is a disease, this word creates panic for us, creates anxiety, creates anxiety. The reason is that Kovid-19 itself is creating stress, creating panic, anxiety and worry in our subconscious mind. The effect that this anxiety has on our minds … we say, the mind is in the brain. The neurotransmitters in the brain, the chemicals in the brain, The mind has control over its secretion or its discharge. And when there is difficulty in thinking, it is manifested through behavior.

When we look at the world, we see that the world is the best, established; Due to this disease (Covid-19) has been quite devastated. Then it seems to us, there is a cure for this disease, there is no antidote. This is why panic is created in our minds … What is panic, death is a fear. With this disease, many people are dying, even dead. This is why a person’s … neurotransmitter, due to the variation in the secretion of chemicals, will create acute stress disorder in him … it can be understood in behavior … it can lead to depression. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will be created. It’s not just adults. Children, adults, everyone can be.

How to take care of the mind

Dr. Fahmida Ferdous’s advice is that we control our minds ourselves. How can I control my mind now … Life will always go through ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, joy and pain. It’s not that your life will always be the same. But I had a good time before Kovid came, we don’t know when Kovid will go. But with this time we have to adjust. People survive by struggling for their lives. We have to remember, this is a war. We have to live from here. We have to be careful, we have to be aware … just as we have to be careful from every negative action, we also have to be careful in this case. And I have to win the battle of life. If you want to win the struggle for life, I will follow the rules of health. If I obey, then inside me … there will be a difference between those who follow the hygiene rules and those who do not. He who does not obey, but his fear will be more. If we control thoughts,

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