Five ways to prevent smartphone surveillance

Whatever we do online with the help of smartphones, the information of them is collected by various apps and websites. Even if you don’t use the internet, you can’t get rid of surveillance. Wherever we go, smartphones tend to collect our location information. If you want, you can stop the surveillance of the smartphone by adopting several strategies.

Location, WiFi and mobile data off

The easiest way to prevent surveillance on a smartphone running the Android operating system is to turn off location tracking, WiFi and mobile data facilities unnecessarily. If these are off, location information can be hidden even if you have a smartphone in your pocket.

Delete Google usage information

Google preserves the history of any information. Not only that, but it also collects information about the user’s location and the details of using YouTube. To delete this information, first launch the Google App, tap on the profile picture and select the Manage your Google Account / Google Account option. After selecting the Data & privacy tab from the Google Account Settings option, click on Web & App Activity under History settings. Now come down and click on the Turn off button, you will see a new page. Click on the Pause button, press OK and go back to the Data & privacy tab. Now you have to close the Location History and YouTube History options by following the previous procedure.To delete Google usage history, first tap the Web & App Activity option under History settings in the Data & privacy tab and click on the Manage all Web & App Activity link. If you click on the Filter by date & product option, you will see a new page called Filter by date. Here you can delete all the information in Google as well as the specific time information. Similarly, the Location History and YouTube History options must be deleted.

Close personal search results

Google quickly displays search results by reviewing information collected by users. However, if the personal search results feature is turned off, Google will display general results instead of relevant results without collecting all the user information.

To turn off the personal search results feature, you need to select Personal results from the Settings option by clicking on the Google Apps profile picture. Now you have to close the settings by pressing the off button next to Show personal results.

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